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Kenneth "Dream Maker" Thomas
Dream Maker
The History of the Buffalo Soldiers/Troopers MC


The history of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Clubs (NABSTMC) began with a dream, in this case,
the dream of Ken “Dream Maker” Thomas. Believing that it was time to establish a modern progressive motorcycle club whose focus
was to promote a positive image among blacks that would be respected in the community and throughout the country, Thomas founded
the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Chicago in October 1993. The name Buffalo Soldiers was initially selected to pay homage to and
ensure the legacy of African American military contributions in the post-civil war era. Under the leadership of Ken Thomas, the new club
was chartered as the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club of Chicago.

Membership in the club grew to a total of ninety-two (92) during that first year, making it the largest Black motorcycle club in Chicago, IL.
The clubhouse was located at 8510 South Ashland Avenue. The clubhouse displayed many items dedicated to the history and memory
of the Buffalo Soldiers such as pictures, books, statues and an authentic buffalo head donated by member Ernie Daurham.
In 1996, the clubhouse moved from this location to its current location at 13836 South Indiana Avenue, in Riverdale, Illinois. The club’s
popularity grew as members attended the national roundups and rallies held in various cities around the country. This popularity
transformed into interest of other clubs in affiliation with the Buffalo Troopers M/C of Chicago, Illinois.

Then, Brian Bulow, a former President of the Maryland Chapter, and now Vice President of the NABSTMC saw the Chicago Buffalo
Troopers at the Atlanta Roundup and displayed an interest in starting a chapter. That interest resulted in the first chapter to wear the
“patch” outside of Chicago, Illinois. Soon afterwards, others showed an interest and started chapters, the next four being Florida,
Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey.

In 1999, the clubs collectively formed the NABSTMC which currently consists of seventy-three member chapters throughout the United
States and Internationally with additional clubs petitioning for membership. All the chapters of the association determine whether they
want to be recognized as “Buffalo Soldiers or Troopers”. However, all the members wear the patch designed by the Chicago, Illinois
chapter and subscribe to the NABSTMC rules and regulations, and by-laws.

The NABSTMC is now an active participant in numerous charitable functions including supporting senior citizens homes, student
scholarships, food and fund drives for charitable organizations, i.e., The March of Dimes and Toys for Tots. The NABSTMC has also
taken the responsibility of mentors to area youth and educational programs, which share enlightenment of the heritage that African
Americans have played in the United States. We are also actively involved in recognizing the accomplishments and sacrifices of the
Tuskegee Airmen.

NABSTMC encourage a positive image and behavior of our members and affiliates. We believe that we are role models and share a
responsibility and a positive value system to our respective communities. The member chapters do not discriminate against race,
religion, gender or ethnic origin. We are an organization majority comprised of minority members and accept those who share our
values and support our cause.

All chapters participate in the management of the NABSTMC through what is called the National Council. Each chapter has two seats on
the Council and that body decides the direction the overall organization will move in and the actions it will take. The NABSTMC has a
national website that features links to all of the chapters that have active websites.
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